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The following quotes are extracts from emails received from couples and individuals Nicole has worked with.*

"Suprisingly we have worked things out and are now happily back together again. Also, the good news is, we are engaged! Our relationship is real and tangible now. The engagement came from a big growth on both our parts. Thankyou so much for your time and your efforts Nicole, it has impacted our lives tremendously."

Michael and Jennifer

"Our sessions with Nicole have changed our lives in ways we couldn't believe."

Monique and Simon

"Even had it (the relationship) not worked out, my life and ability to approach relationships with those around me has been forever changed. Thank you so much Nicole!"

Emily (Emiy and Peter)

"Someone special who always seems to be there to listen, her heart feels and links to others' emotion, some of whom are in quite a commotion, her thoughts and care turn them to elation."

Ian Prosser

"Nicole has a beautiful spirit, is truly inspirational and dedicated to her clients' needs. Her immense experience enables her to fully connect to and empathise with her clients enabling them to shine on the inside and on the outside, just like Nicole herself. Thanks Nicole, you are the best."

Tana McMeechan

"Nicole is an amazingly thoughtful and innovative person. She has surpassed all my expectations. Thank you Nicole, you have been brilliant."

Justin Lusty

"Coaching with Nicole has provided me with a renewed sense of purpose and direction, and the confidence to achieve what I want from my life."

Rachel Stretton

"I recently had the honour and pleasure of coaching with Nicole and I benefited tremendously. Nicole is very gentle, personal and generous, yet right to the point in her approach which is backed by a great depth of experience and insight. Learning this way is very easy! I'm more effective every day; many, many thanks indeed!"

Dr Tim Stucke

"I first met Nicole in 1987; she has been a wonderful sounding board, a great inspiration and is a fantastically balanced lady. Her understanding of family is awesome. Nicole is a constant support to me, I can trust her, cry with her, laugh with her and know that she never judges me. I would recommend Nicole to any man or woman who would like to change their habits, grow their lives and become happier and more successful in their lives."

Penny Power

"Nicole has been coaching Penny and me since 1987, need we say more? There's good and then there's the best; Nicole is the best."

Thomas Power

* Please note: the names of the couples have been changed for confidentiality purposes.